How’s Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizing Websites

Remember the time when Artificial Intelligence (AI) was an idea only popular with science-fiction fans? That’s not very long ago. But life moves fast and technology moves faster. Today, AI has become a technology frequently used by companies and individuals and you probably unknowing come across various platforms using AI, every day.

Recently, AI has been integrated in websites too. Websites like Google and Amazon use it extensively to refine search results and offer product recommendations, among other things. Even smaller sites can integrate AI to improve their User Experience (UX). Websites like Wix, GoDaddy, Bookmark, Adobe Sensai, Firedrop and The Grid are exploring artificial design intelligence, to varying degrees.

Let’s have a look at how implementing AI revolutionize your website and user experience.

Website Creation

Designing and building a website can be a complicated and exhaustive process. Luckily, many popular website platforms now leverage the power of artificial intelligence to make website creation easier.  You can enter a few basic data points and have a fully optimized website created for you.

Design and User Experience Optimization

AI gathers behavioral data in real time to generate actionable feedback that marketers can use to improve the user experience of their website. More advanced tools can even make these changes promptly. Quickly change the layout of a page, reduce the number of form fields, or even swap out a banner image on the fly. AI not only makes your marketing more effective, but it makes it more strategic and purposeful.

Search Engine Optimization

If your website doesn’t appear for the appropriate search queries in the first 3 search pages, you’ll have a difficult time attracting new visits to your website and new business to your company. With artificial intelligence and machine learning, innovative SEO tools can quickly identify website issues and offer feedback to improve your search rankings.

Real-time Customization

AI collects information about visitors and then serve them perfectly timed and targeted content and allows you to offer personalized recommendations, text, deals, and more—all triggered by the click of a link.

Content Creation & Curation

With the help of artificial intelligence, marketers now have access to more information about how people consume and interact with their content.

The latest technology uses machine learning to analyse a website visitor’s behavior and curate a library of content that speaks to that specific person’s wants and needs. It can be used to suggest helpful articles, interesting products, and keep your audience engaged longer than if they were searching for content themselves.

About the Author
Naila Yasir

Naila is Content Developer at Ava IT Solutions & Consulting, Dubai.
She is self-published author, skilled at articulating an extensive range of online content.

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